Waxed Bush Hat

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      Our assortment of wax bush hats are designed with utter love and it has an aroma of Britain's heritage in it. You can shop it today and boost your style game with our hand crafted waxed bush hat. Our collection of mens caps and hats are available if you want to shop more.

      What is a Wax Bush Hat?

      A bush hat, also known as a boonie hat, is a wide-brimmed hat commonly used for outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, fishing, and military operations. It is designed to provide sun protection, camouflage, and ventilation. Key features of a bush hat include:

      1. Wide Brim: Offers protection from the sun and rain.
      2. Chin Strap: Helps secure the hat in windy conditions.
      3. Ventilation Holes: Promote air circulation to keep the wearer cool.
      4. Camouflage Patterns: Often designed in camouflage prints for military or hunting purposes.
      5. Durable Material: Usually made from cotton, polyester, or a blend, making it durable and suitable for rugged environments.

      The bush hat is favored for its practicality and versatility in various outdoor settings.